Triumph Sportscars

Proprietors: AJ & AE Ansell


1977 SPITFIRE 1500

Built in 1977 and sold in California in 1978.

The first owner had it for eleven years and travelled 49000 miles. There is some evidence on the car that shows it may have been used in competition.

The second owner who purchased it directly from the original owner who also lived in California and had replaced the motor at some stage. The second owner had it for only twelve months and travelled 5000 miles.

The next five years of it’s life is a bit of a mystery. When I first heard about the car it was in a large compound, but still in California.

In August 1995 I paid a deposit on the car and twelve months later it arrived in Melbourne. Seven years later the car was converted from LH to RH drive, fully restored and painted in its original colour - Tahiti Blue.

The modifications to the car are as follows:

  • Steel TR7 road wheels.
  • EBC Green brake pads.
  • Drilled and grooved brake rotors.
  • Aluminium fined brake drums.
  • 330lb lowered front springs.
  • Koni shockers front and rear.
  • English spec motor with MK3 camshaft.
  • 13 row oil cooler with thermostat.
  • Electronic ignition.
  • Twin exhaust.
  • Halogen headlamps.
  • Pirelli tyres 175/70x13.

The car has every option and is a delight to drive with a very precise feel about it and silky smooth at highway speeds.

Triumph Spitfire 1500

1977 Ex-Californian 1500 Spitfire, number plate original to its Californian plates

Triumph Spitfire 1500


Triumph Spitfire 1500


Triumph Spitfire 1500


Triumph Spitfire 1500

1500 at Mt Alma Hill Climb SA