Triumph Sportscars

Proprietors: AJ & AE Ansell



Built in CKD form in 1962 and sent to Australia to be assembled by Australian Motor Industries (AMI) in Melbourne. First Registered May 1963 in Melbourne.

The first owner had the car for about two years. The second owner had the car for about two years also, but did nothing with it as the motor had expired.

In 1968 the car was sold to a farmer in Northern Victoria near Echuca. At this stage the motor was replaced. The following nineteen years was spent with the same owner, but it was finally used as a paddock bomb. In July 1987 I purchased this much rundown MK1 Spitfire and over the next six years restored it to its present condition.

This Triumph Spitfire is the third oldest known Spitfire in Australia and the second oldest AMI assembled Spitfire. Comm FC1162 and Australian assembly number 103. The car is painted in its original colour Signal Red.

Triumph Spitfire MKI

1962 MKI Spitfire, third oldest known registered spitfire in Australia, has won numerous concourse events

Triumph Spitfire MKI

Triumph Spitfire MKI