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Proprietors: AJ & AE Ansell

SPITTY TIPS — 19. Australian Spitfire Colours

Spitfires MKI, II & III were assembled by Australian Motor Industries along with Ramblers, Mercedes Benz and Toyota. They all used common colours (Toyota colours).

Dulux was the paint supplier to A.M.I. and most of their cars had Dulux stickers on them indicating the paint colour, unfortunately the stickers would fall off and in some cases were never applied.

The following is a list of colours and paint codes used on the Spitfires assembled by A.M.I.

Glade GreenCode No. P22
Safety WattleCode No. P49
Signal RedCode No. P16
WhiteCode No. P18
BlackCode No. P17

These colours are the main colours that were used, but there is some evidence that Havannah Gold — Code No. P51 and Vintage Wine — Code No. P45 were also used.

There were formula variants with Glade Green and White on the MKIII Spitfire.

The Glade Green was the equivalent of the English Conifer Green, but darker. Safety Wattle was the equivalent of the English Pale yellow. Signal Red was the equivalent of the English Signal Red, but lighter and more orange in colour.